GreenTec O-PEN, Revolutionary Technology for Electrical Safety

Worlds First Open PEN Detector for 3 Phase TN-C-S Supplies

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World breakthrough in electrical safety.

Device is currently being purchased by multiple Blue Chip companies.

No More Earth Electrodes !!

The O-PEN device can detect load imbalances under all conditions including open PEN on three phase TN-C-S (PME) infrastructures, and safely isolates the incoming supply or individual loads.

Allowing the installer to utilise the PME earth, guaranteeing earth resistance values are maintained all year round while offering a safer solution during installation as it removes the risk of striking buried services with Earth electrodes. The device also dramatically reduces installation cost!

Commercial Building Market

Broken Neutral faults on TN-C-S systems are extremely dangerous as the single-phase voltage will rise to the three-phase level subjecting your equipment to >400V instead of 230V.

This results in over voltage that can be catastrophic as any electronic appliance connected to the wiring will most likely be damaged due to overheating, resulting in expensive insurance claims and be a potential FIRE HAZARD!

Furthermore, electricity would travel to Earth through a different path. This may be via water pipes, stoves and metal taps or any other bonded appliance that is a conductor of electricity.

This is very dangerous, as you would suffer a serious electric shock if you touch something where electricity is present. RCD’s and MCB’s current used DO NOT offer any protection against this fault condition.

Broken PEN conductors present significant hazards withing buildings including the risk of electric shock and can create heat build-up which can lead to fire.

When the PEN conductor fails, not only does this present a shock hazard but the diverted neutral current can also create a significant heat build-up, as it typically makes a circuit via exposed metalwork (such as gas, water and oil pipes, etc.) - which can then lead to fire.

PEN conductors, which serve as both a protective earthing and neutral conductor. Although PEN conductors within installations have been prohibited for some time now, older ones still remain in, for example, the rising mains in blocks of flats and military camps. open-circuit PEN conductors might be a growing problem due to a range of factors - including our ageing distribution system, metallic service pipes being replaced and the theft of copper from cables.

Data obtained from the Health and Safety Executive shows at least one incident of an open-circuit PEN conductor is reported every day - with around 10% of them leading to injury. But as many incidents go unreported, it's believed the real figure could be significantly higher.

O-PEN offers full protection to the building and user in the event of a broken supply Neutral event.

"Monitoring Management System"

See live O-PEN Demonstration

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the O-PEN system in action.

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Electrical Safety

Many cities across the world have poor and unreliable "as built drawings". This leads to huge expense in time and money when installing traditional supplementary earthing systems.

O-PEN technology can detect load imbalances and dangerous touch voltages and OFFERS FULL PROTECTION to the building and user when a dangerous event occurs, which can lead to:

Single-phase voltages rising to 400V

Over heating of appliances

Potential fire risk

Danger of death from electrocution